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Here's most of my favorite pairings listed in separate tables. I have included TV Shows, movies, anime and also crossovers. There may be some missing because I do have alot of favorites so it's easy to forget to include some. So this is what I ship and the fandoms I'm into.  See if you like the same stuff I do! :D

MY Favorite Pairings

TV Show Pairings



Buffy The Vampire Slayer


Veronica Mars

Lamb/Veronica, Logan/Veronica



Vampire Diaries

Damon/Elena, Klaus/Elena


Chloe/Oliver, Clark/Lois

True Blood

Sookie/Eric, Godric/Sookie, Eric/Sookie/Godric, Eric/OC



That 70’s Show



JD/Elliot, Elliot/Dr. Cox


Dean/OC, Castiel/OC, Sam/OC, Gabriel/OC

Legend of The Seeker

Richard/Kahlan, Cara/Kahlan

Young and the Restless

Chelsea/Adam, Cane/Lily



 Movie Pairings



Harry Potter

Draco/Hermione, Draco/OC, Harry/OC

Van Helsing

Van Helsing/Anna

Sleepy Hollow

Hessian/OC, Katrina/Ichabod

Sherlock Holmes

Holmes/OC, Holmes/Irene

The Breakfast Club

Claire/Bender, Bender/OC

Moulin Rouge




Hunchback Of Notre Dame


The Avengers

Steve Rogers/OC, Loki/OC, Tony/OC, Clint/OC


Thor/Jane, Darcy/Loki, Loki/OC



Anime Pairings




Kagome/Inuyasha, Kagome/Kouga


Rain/Domon, Rain/Chibodee

Rurouni Kenshin

Saitou/Misao, Aoshi/Misao

Fushigi Yuugi

Miaka/Tasuki, Miaka/Tamahome


Anzu/Seto, Kisara/Seto

Vampire Knight


Fruits Basket


Magic Knight Rayearth

Umi/Ascot, Hikaru/Eagle, Fuu/Ferio

Dragonball Z




 Crossover Pairings (TV, Anime, & Movies)



BtVS/The Vampire Diaries

Buffy/Damon, Buffy/Klaus

BtVS/Harry Potter

Buffy/Draco Malfoy


Buffy/Oliver, Buffy/Clark

BtVS/Veronica Mars




BtVS/The Avengers

Steve Rogers/Buffy, Loki/Buffy, Tony/Buffy

The Avengers/Veronica Mars

Loki/Veronica, Steve Rogers/Veronica

The Avengers/Thor

Darcy/Steve Rogers, Darcy/Loki, Darcy/Clint

Veronica Mars/Young and The Restless



Buffy/Castiel, Buffy/Dean, Buffy/Sam


Chloe/Dean, Chloe/Sam, Chloe/Castiel

Inuyasha/Fushigi Yuugi

Kagome/Tasuki, Kagome/Suboshi, Kagome/Tamahome


Seto/Kagome, Joey/Kagome


Domon/Kagome, Chibodee/Kagome

Inuyasha/Vampire Knight

Kagome/Zero, Kagome/Akatsuki

Inuyasha/Rurouni Kenshin

Kagome/Saitou, Kagome/Aoshi, Kagome/Sanosuke

Inuyasha/Fruits Basket


Inuyasha/Magic Knight Rayearth

Kagome/Ascot, Kagome/Eagle

Inuyasha/Yu Yu Hakusho

Kagome/Hiei, Kagome/Jin, Kagome/Yusuke

Inuyasha/Dragonball Z

Kagome/Vegeta, Kagome/Goku

Inuyasha/Hunchback Of Notre Dame


Inuyasha/Harry Potter




Hunchback Of Notre Dame/Beauty and The Beast


Sailor Moon/Dragon Ball Z


Sailor Moon/Fushigi Yuugi

Rei/Tasuki, Mina/Tasuki, Serena/Tasuki

Sailor Moon/Yu-Gi-Oh!

Rei/Seto, Mina/Seto

The Vampire Diaries/Smallville

Damon/Chloe, Elena/Oliver

The Vampire Diaries/Supernatural


Supernatural/Veronica Mars


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Smallville Fic Challenge
Chloe/Oliver (Chlollie)

Setting: Season 6 (around the beginning)

I haven't seen a 'new and fresh' Oliver-meets-Chloe-instead-of-Lois story in awhile so yeah that's basically what this prompt is. 

Chloe and Oliver meet. What happens next? Will Oliver be able to tell Chloe about being Green Arrow? We all know she can handle it! 

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Categories: Fushigi Yuugi/Inuyasha/Yu Yu Hakusho

Pairing: Tasuki/Kagome/Hiei (threesome or love triangle)

Note: Whether or not Kagome is finished in the past is up to you but she must have complete control of her powers mostly. Besides Kagome, any other Inuyasha characters in the story can be brought in if you want.
Kagome finds the Universe of The Four Gods and becomes the Priestess of Suzaku. Basically she takes Miaka’s place in the story as it will start from the beginning. You can have Kagome and Yui be best friends like how Miaka/Yui were in the series or you can bring in someone else to be Priestess of Seiryu but then think carefully about who you want to make Seiryu’s Priestess.

Kagome’s cousin is Yusuke Urameshi and Kagome is friends with his team and know that their Spirit Detectives. Sometimes she even helps them on Missions. Koenma knows all about the Four Gods and knows about the book. When Kagome comes back the first time to her world, she tells Yusuke. Koenma finds out that Kagome is the Priestess of Suzaku and gives the Spirit Detectives a Mission to help Kagome in the book because he knows the balance between the two worlds is important.

Kagome meets Tasuki first upon entering the book and she forms a sort of bond with him. When he first sees her, he’s attracted to her. After he finds out she’s from another world, he realizes she’s the Priestess of Suzaku. He brings her to the capital after he explains the legend. Tasuki and Hiei are her main love interests, meaning she is attracted to them both and loves them both equally. It can be a threesome or a love triangle.

No Hotohori/Kagome, that’s the one thing that I don’t want in this story. There’s too much of that in existence already. (Almost every IY/FY crossover on FF.net is and I’m sick of it)Hotohori eventually meets Houki.

Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei are mandatory in the book, but if you want to bring anyone else into the book then that’s fine too. Maybe Botan would be a good character to bring into the book, I mean she is kinda the Spirit Detectives assistant. 

*Kagome meets Tasuki first upon entering the book

*Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama and Hiei are mandatory in the book

*Kagome/Tasuki/Hiei love triangle- Tasuki/Kagome end result

*You can include any Inuyasha characters, as long as they make sense in the story

*You bring any other YYH characters into the book (such as Botan)

*Maybe at the end of journey, Koenma does Kagome a favor and lets Tasuki into the Real World somehow with his powers and makes him a Spirit Detective (as a reward for Kagome or something)

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 Note: A Buffy/SPN crossover challenge with pairing Gabriel/Buffy. If you’re interested in writing this please message me or PM me on fanfiction.net.
Categories: Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Supernatural

Pairing: Buffy/Gabriel (The Trickster)

Settings: BtVS: Season 7 after Empty Places; SPN: Season 5 after Changing Channels

Rating: T-M (adult content, violence, language)

 During the summer Buffy lived in LA, she had a fated meeting with a Trickster and destiny for Buffy is changed completely. Though it just happened that this Trickster was not who he seemed to be. That day, Buffy gains an ally in the Archangel Gabriel. They kept in touch over the years but the day Buffy’s friends and family kicked her out of her own house, she calls for Gabriel’s help.
Gabriel then calls a truce with the Winchester brothers Dean and Sam. If they help Buffy and him defeat the First Evil then Buffy and Gabriel will join Team Free Will and help find a way to stop Lucifer.
Buffy finds her secret Slayer weapon then heads off to open the Hellmouth with her new teammates Sam, Dean and Gabriel and then closes the hellmouth. After the battle, she returns home and retakes the house, then leaves Dawn in Giles’ care. Wanting to get away from the hellmouth, she takes the Winchesters up on their offer to travel on the road with them and help in their cases. As she and Gabriel help Dean, Sam and Castiel hunt down Lucifer, the two fall for each other.

*Gabriel doesn’t die in Hammer of The Gods
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 Categories: Veronica Mars/Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Main Pairings: Buffy/Sheriff Lamb, Veronica/Logan

Other Possible Pairings: Faith/Weevil, Mac/Dick, Cordelia/Angel, Fred/Wesley (or if there's another possible pairing you like then that's cool too)

Settings/Notes: For BtVS this takes place after the First Evil is defeated Post-Chosen. Also Buffy still has nightmares and thoughts about heaven and crawling out of her grave that haunt her from time to time but it is getting better. Also Veronica Mars is Buffy's slightly younger cousin (Joyce and Keith are siblings) but no one in Neptune has met Buffy or knows about her (except Keith and Veronica of course). Buffy and the gang have set up in Los Angeles in Angel's Hyperion Hotel to train Slayers and such. Also Neptune is only a couple hours away from LA.

For Veronica Mars, this takes place in Season 1, from the beginning.


Buffy decides to visit her favorite cousin Veronica Mars after Sunnydale's destruction. When she realizes that the town is becoming more and more populated with vamps, Buffy decides to make her stay indefinite. What will happen when the sexy Sheriff Lamb and Buffy meet? 

*Buffy gets a job in Neptune (maybe at Neptune High or something, or even at the Sheriff's Department)

*The Main pairings listed are required

*Must expand upon the reason why vampires are being drawn to Neptune

*No one knows about Buffy or met her before (in Neptune) so when people meet her it will be for the first time

*If you bring Angel into the fic at all, Cordelia didn't die in 'You're Welcome' she just woke up from her coma

This is a challenge!

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 Lamb/Veronica- my favorite VM pairing! <3

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 Categories: Veronica Mars/Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Main Pairing: Veronica/Sheriff Lamb 

Other pairings: Spike/Buffy (anything else is up to you)

Settings/Notes: Takes place during Veronica Mars Season 3, though Veronica and Logan are broken up. Takes place during BtVS season 7 after Faith gets to Sunnydale, though one of those Turok-han vamps from inside the Hellmouth manage to kill Faith. Giles and Willow do a spell to track down the next Slayer after Faith and that leads them to Neptune and to Veronica Mars.


Veronica is called as the next Slayer after Faith is killed. What happens when Veronica starts being targeted by the Bringers that serve the First Evil as well as what she thinks could be vampires? And not to mention trying to solve the mystery of the Hearst rapists. Will backup in the form of Buffy and the gang be able to help? And what happens when Lamb and Veronica start to act on their hidden feelings for each other? Will Veronica travel back to Sunnydale to help the gang defeat the First Evil?


*Must include the Hearst rape storyline- also in this GHB affects Slayers way worse than normal humans

*Must include the scene at the end of 'Of Vice and Men' with Lamb finding Veronica past out on the ground

*It would be great if you could pair Logan with someone from BtVS (Possibly Dawn, though please don't make her whiny if you do pick Dawn!) instead of Parker

*Lamb doesn't die in 3x14

This is a challenge!

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 Veronica Mars Challenge

Pairing: Veronica/Lamb

A what if scenario for "Of Vice and Men" near the end of the episode when Veronica is drugged in the cafeteria. What if Lamb found her passed out and drugged instead of Logan?

Though Veronica and Logan aren't together.

Also Lamb doesn't die in 3x14.


What if Lamb had been patrolling the Hearst parking lot for some reason and heard Veronica's car alarm go off? What if he found her instead of Logan? And what if this encounter led to feelings being revealed? How would this change things between Don Lamb and Veronica Mars?

*Can either be a oneshot or a couple chapters

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 Categories: True Blood/Veronica Mars

Main Pairing: Veronica/Don Lamb, Sookie/Eric
You're free to add other pairings as well.

Settings/Notes: For Veronica Mars, this takes place during Season 3 but Veronica and Logan just agreed to stay friends at the end of Season 2. Veronica is a faerie/human hybrid like Sookie though unlike Sookie, Veronica's telepathy and other fae powers are bound until her 19th birthday, including her delicious smelling blood. Also Veronica's mother is brother and sister with Corbett Stackhouse, Sookie Stackhouse's father, making Sookie and Veronica faerie cousins. She was Leanne Stackhouse before she became Leanne Mars. Also the town of Neptune doesn't get many vampires so the town almost forgets they exist but sometimes one or two pass through.

For True Blood, takes place in Season 5 though Sookie chose Eric at the end of Season 4. Sookie has known about her cousin from her Gran but has never had a reason to go and find her til now when Russel Edgington finds out about Veronica.


What happens Russel Edgington finds out about Sookie's cousin Veronica Mars, who has just passed her 19th birthday and is now a full fledged fae/human hybrid complete with the mind reading, microwave light fingers and delicious scent. Sookie travels with Eric to Neptune, California to protect Veronica from Russel. In the midst of investigating the Hearst campus rapes and her relationship with Lamb becoming more passionate, Veronica begins to experience her fae powers coming to the surface.

This is a challenge!

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 Categories: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Smallville

Pairing: Buffy/Clark
Other pairing: eventual Chloe/Oliver

Settings/Notes: For Smallville, I'd rather you set it either when Clark is in high school or before he falls for Lois (possibly in Season 6). For Buffy, if you set it when Buffy is in high school then Clark must also be in high school of course. Or if you set it when she's out of high school/college then the same must go for Clark.

Buffy was like Clark before he knew he was an alien; she knew about her powers but didn't know about being an alien. Somehow she's still the Slayer (just pretend that the magic or what ever it is that makes potential slayers reaches other planets as well so when Buffy was a baby on Krypton she was marked as a Potential. Though when Buffy got to Earth, she was found by an Orphanage and that is where Joyce and Hank adopted her.)


When Jonathan and Martha told Clark that there was somebody out there for him they didn't know just how right they were. Buffy is a Kryptonian girl sent to Earth just like Clark was. What will happen when she meets the other Krytonian in Smallville, Kansas?

This is a challenge!

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Categories: True Blood/Vampire Diaries

Pairing: Elena/Eric

Some Background Info: Sookie and Elena are cousins. Sookie's father Corbette had a sister named Isobel, Elena's true mother. Pretend that the Petrova bloodline came to be in Louisiana somehow instead of Virginia. Someone with fae blood married someone from the petrova bloodline who descended from Katherine's daughter.

Though Corbette's parents gave Isobel up for adoption and she was adopted by a couple from Virginia (who are Isobel's adoptive parents; the ones who come to put flowers on her grave). Elena and Sookie found out about each other when Elena was told by Stefan that she was adopted and Stefan actually found out who Elena's true family was. (though for Sookie it happened way before Season 1 TB and before meeting Bill). Elena traveled to Bon Temp and met Sookie before Sookie met Bill. So they know about each other. Also Elena has known for all her life that she was different because she has a Fae ability like Sookie's telepathy (your choice what it is). There is also two types of Vampire in this-- the ones who descend from the Originals and the ones who came out to the human public- descending from Lilith (as told in Season 5 of TB). Also the type of vampires who descend from the Originals have kept that fact that they can use daylight rings a secret from the Lilith vampires. It's also your choice whether the two species is even aware of the other species existence.

Takes place in Season 2 of The Vampire Diaries after the Masquerade/Rose episodes. For True Blood this takes place after they get back from Dallas but Maryann doesn't exist. It also takes place before Season 3 of True Blood.


What if Elena had Fae blood as well as Doppelganger blood within her? Sookie and Bill, with Eric tagging along, go to Mystic Falls to visit Sookie's cousin Elena Gilbert. When Eric meets Elena, he instantly attracted to her and eventually decides that she is worth it to jump into the love triangle she already has with Damon and Stefan Salvatore and make it a love square. Will he be able to protect her from Klaus after they've been explained about the Mystic Falls gang's situation?

This is a challenge! 


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 Categories: Smallville/The Vampire Diaries

Pairings: Oliver/Elena, Chloe/Damon (any other pairings are your choice)

Settings/Notes: For The Vampire Diaries, this takes place during Season 2 of TVD after Masquerade but it's AU because Stefan took Elena home and she wasn't kidnapped. Also it's a bit AU because instead of the Vampire Diaries taking place during High school, Stefan and Elena met when she was in college freshman year and she's 21. (On account that Oliver is most likely over 25)

For Smallville, this takes place from the beginning of Season 6.


After the Masquerade ball, Elena thinks about visiting her cousin Clark after she hears about Dark Thursday, so she travels to Smallville to stay with him. While there she meets Oliver Queen who immediately becomes intrigued and attracted to Elena. What will happen to their budding relationship when things like the Green Arrow show up? Or will their relationship strengthen because of it?

And what will happen when the world Elena thought she left behind in Mystic Falls shows up and she finds out that she's being targeted by the oldest Vampire in the world named Klaus? Will Clark, Oliver and the Salvatore brothers be able to protect Elena?


*Chloe doesn't get together with Jimmy and Elena isn't with Stefan, they are just friends now


1. I'd like to see Clark develop something with a new character. I know that in Season 6 he basically pines after Lana now that she's with Lex but I really wanna see Clark happy so maybe pair him with someone from TVD or pair him with Lois earlier than on the show.

2. Lana redemption from "the dark side" is still possible even though she won't be with Clark. Maybe mix up some pairings and pair her with a TVD guy (even consider the Originals maybe like Elijah or something). Though this depends on if you like Lana, I find that she's likable when she's not with Clark. For example, I really liked Lana with Jason in Season 4. If you don't like Lana, just write her like they did on the show and find a way to respectably excuse her character. No bashing; which goes for all characters.

3. If you get to Season 7 and are able to introduce Kara, then maybe find some romance for Kara too

This is a challenge! 

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 Categories: Veronica Mars/Smallville

Main Pairing: Chloe/Lamb

Other pairings: Lois/Clark, Logan/Veronica or Veronica/Oliver

For Smallville, this takes place during Season 9 but before Chloe gets together with Oliver. Chloe and Veronica met each other before (maybe during an investigation years back when Chloe was still writing for the Daily Planet) and became friends and kept in touch before going back to their respective towns; though they never mentioned each other to their family and friends.

For Veronica Mars, can take place during Season 2 or Season 3.


When Chloe decides she needs a break from dealing with the Kandorians and being Watchtower all the time, she takes off to Neptune to surprise her good friend Veronica Mars and spend some time with her. Though without telling Clark and the Justice League to worry over her absence while they try to find her. Lamb is intrigued by Veronica's friend Chloe when he meets her.

This is a challenge!

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 Categories: Charmed/Veronica Mars

Pairing: Phoebe/Lamb

Other pairings: Logan/Veronica, Piper/Leo, Paige/Weevil

Settings/Notes: For Charmed, this takes place in Season 5 after Cole came back from the Demonic Wasteland. Veronica has met the Halliwell's before when she had a case that took her to San Francisco and she became good friends with the Charmed Ones when they saved her from a demon who wanted her to stop solving cases for the side of good. So she's knows that they are the Charmed Ones but no one from Neptune knows them/or met them.

For Veronica Mars this takes place during Season 3.


After Cole comes back and starts trying to win her back, Phoebe can't deal with what happened and how she became the Source's Queen, so her sisters encourage her to go visit Veronica in Neptune. Veronica enlists Phoebe's help with solving the Hearst rapes via Phoebe's power of premonition.

Will Phoebe allow herself to fall in love again when it starts becoming obvious that Sheriff Lamb has a thing for her after he meets her? Will she have to deal with Cole's attempts to win her back?

This is a challenge!

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 Categories: Veronica Mars/Vampire Diaries

Main Pairing: Veronica/Lamb

Other Pairings: some Veronica/Klaus

Settings/Notes: For Veronica Mars, this takes place after Season 2 when Veronica goes to New York without her father for the summer then will pick up at Season 3 when she goes to Hearst. Though she and Logan did not get back together.

For Vampire Diaries, this takes place before Klaus leaves to go to Mystic Falls to sacrifice Elena to break his Hybrid curse. He's in New York and meets Veronica. He begins to play around with her until he realizes he wants to turn her.


In New York for the summer, Veronica is unfortunate enough (and with no one to save her) to run into Klaus and ends up being his pet for the summer. When he turns her into a vampire before the summer is over, all her memories come back of being compelled and realizing that she's been forced to turn into a vampire against her will, she runs back to Neptune just in time for Hearst. How will she deal with her new immortality and powers as well as how will she tell the people closest to her?

What happens when the Hearst rapist discovers her weakness (Vervain) and begins using it against her in a GHB-Vervain mixture?


*Sometime before 3x07, Mercer and Moe discover that Veronica is a vampire and start putting alot of liquid Vervain in the GHB.

*In 3x14, you can either have it so Lamb doesn't die or that he had Veronica's blood in his system

*After Season 3 is over, you could have Veronica and Lamb head to Mystic Falls (which would be either mid-Season 2 or Season 3 of TVD)

This is a challenge!

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 Categories: Veronica Mars/Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Pairings: Buffy/Lamb, Veronica/Logan

Settings/Notes: For BtVS, this takes place after Buffy came back from the dead in Season 6. Giles decides that Buffy needs a break from Sunnydale and sends her to her cousin Veronica in Neptune. There are vampires in Neptune as well for Buffy to patrol the cemeteries there. So Buffy is still hurting a bit when she gets there.

For Veronica Mars, I suppose Season 2. Doesn't really matter. Buffy is older than Veronica. Also Veronica knows about Buffy being the Slayer but her father doesn't.


When Giles sees that Buffy could use a break from Sunnydale and her friends, he sends her to Neptune to visit her cousin Veronica Mars. Will Buffy be able to overcome her problems and feel again? Maybe a new romance with Don Lamb is just what she needs. Will she get drawn into the mysteries and cases Veronica solves and what about patrolling the cemeteries to keep the town safe?

*Buffy doesn't "use" Lamb like she did with Spike

This is a challenge!

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 Veronica/Lamb Prompts
These should be oneshots or twoshots. Some of them require smut, just a warning! ;)
There will be more V/Lamb posted soon! 

Prompt 1:
In 'Like A Virgin' Veronica borrows Meg's cheerleading uniform. What if Lamb saw Veronica in it? Maybe Veronica had to stop at the department for a case before heading home or maybe Lamb just happened to be at the school and saw her?

Prompt 2: 
What if Veronica, instead of calling her dad when she was locked in Moe's room, called the Sheriff's department and Lamb?

Prompt 3: 
For whatever reason, Lamb comes down to the River Stix for something (maybe to arrest someone) and sees Veronica being choked on the pool table. Lamb saves Veronica instead of Logan. Also maybe Veronica didn't bring Logan with her.

Prompt 4: 
Logan and Veronica are not dating. Takes place in 3x02.

What if instead of the Safe Ride Home cart, Lamb gave Veronica a ride home from the Sorority party?

Prompt 5: 
Veronica takes a job at a lingerie store and the job requires employees to wear the the lingerie so they can advertise new products. For whatever reason Lamb comes into the store while Veronica's working. Should take place in Season 3 when Veronica is at Hearst, though when Veronica and Logan are broken up. Also if its past 3x14, Lamb didn't die.

Prompt 6:
When Veronica's on the roof with Cassidy, instead texting Logan she texts Lamb, who just so happened to be in the building.

Prompt 7:
Season 3; Seven days of sexy gifts from a secret admirer before Valentine's Day. Veronica's got a secret admirer.

Prompt 8:
What were Lamb's thoughts when he figured out that Veronica and Logan are dating. 1.22 Leave It To Beaver.
Prompt 9:

Prompt 10:
During the Aaron Echoll's trial, Lamb was present in the courtroom. What was his perspective of all that was said?

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 Categories: Veronica Mars/Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Pairings: Buffy/Lamb, Veronica/Logan

Settings/Notes: Buffy turned 18 in Season 2, not 17. This takes place in Season 3 of Buffy; also takes place after Faith arrives. Buffy is cousins with Veronica and Keith is her uncle. This takes place in Season 2 of Veronica Mars.


When Synder won't let Buffy rejoin Sunnydale High, Joyce decides to send Buffy to live with her cousin and uncle in Neptune.


*Buffy enrolls at Neptune High because she's been expelled from Sunnydale High

*There are vampires for Buffy to fight in Neptune (for whatever reason they are drawn there; maybe a second hellmouth or something)

*Also the Council gives Slayers the Cruciamentum test at Age 19

*Giles decides to move to Neptune after Wesley comes

*If you want, you can have any of the Scoobies move to Neptune after they graduate from Sunnydale (maybe they go to Hearst College)

*Faith takes down the Mayor

This is a challenge!

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 Veronica Mars Challenge

Secret Season 2 Relationship


First of all it's my theory that Lamb and Veronica had a ton of sexual tension on the actual show, and I'm pretty sure that Lamb had a secret thing for Veronica that was very well hidden. So what if instead of him having an affair with Madison (eww!), he just goes for what he really wants, which is Veronica. Also Veronica and Duncan didn't get together over the summer. What he says about Madison when questioned by Keith and Cliff, "She's 18. It's legal." Well Veronica is also 18 so it's legal! :D


What if Veronica and Lamb had a secret relationship that started in Season 2? How would the season go with them together? What would stay the same and what would change?


*By end of Season 2 or start of Season 3 their relationship should be out in the open and not secret

*No Madison/Lamb of course

*Must of course continue the story after Season 2 into Season 3

This is a challenge!

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 More V/Lamb Prompts
Prompts are meant to be oneshots or a couple chapters. Smut is required for some, just a warning! ;)

Prompt 1:
What if instead of going to see Wallace when she found out she slept with Duncan, her half-brother, Lamb finds Veronica crying in her car?

Prompt 2:

What if Lamb found out that Logan had GHB at Shelley's party? When he brings Logan in for questioning in Leave It To Beaver, Lamb asks Logan why he was in Mexico. What if Logan eventually told Lamb about the GHB? And then the subject of Veronica being drugged at Shelley's party comes up? (Or Lamb finds out some other way about the GHB.)

Finding out that Veronica was telling the truth about being drugged that day leads Lamb to do some serious thinking about the blonde he's come to find he has secret feelings for. And leads to the renewal of their friendship and much more.

Prompt 3:
What if Veronica was the one with the bad burns instead of Keith and Keith was the one to get the guy to call the police, ambulance, etc. Veronica's state cause a reaction in Lamb when he gets to the scene.

Prompt 4:
Lamb frisks Veronica and it leads to more between the two.

Prompt 5:
When Lamb comes to arrest Veronica in Donut Run, she is alone at home and wearing skimpy pajamas (can even be lingerie/chemise if you want) instead of a robe. Lamb decides to handcuff her and ravish her like he's always wanted to since he's realized his feelings for her and the only way he can think of to be near her is to arrest her.
*Can be a oneshot or a couple chapters if you wish.

*Lamb and Veronica must somehow 'get together' by the end of the fic (must not be a one time thing)

Prompt 6: 
When Logan rescued Veronica in Ahoy Matey's, he fake-called the cops and said "There's blood everywhere."

Well what if Veronica had actually been stabbed or something that badly injured her for real by the Fitzpatricks and Logan called the Sheriff for real and Lamb came to the scene after the call was made? 

Prompt 7:
Veronica/Lamb, Veronica/OC
Veronica and Logan don't get back together after Not Pictured so they are just friends when they go to Hearst.

What if Veronica met someone while she was in New York who follows her back to Neptune. But what happens when he notices the sexual tension between Veronica and Lamb and his true personality comes to the surface when he starts beating Veronica. But how can she tell anyone when he's threatened to kill her if she tells? Will Lamb, her friends and her father begin to catch on? What about the tension between Lamb and Veronica?


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